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Base Tools is our comprehensive package, featuring powerful Telegram bots such as the Decompiler, Basechain New Tokens, and the Scanner


We continuously innovate, with new bots planned for release, ensuring Base Tools remains the forefront solution for the BASE Ethereum L2.

Base Tools Decompiler

This Telegram bot automatically decompiles each new unverified contract on the Ethereum L2 chain, delivering real-time notifications when a new Contract Address (CA) is scanned.

Basechain New Tokens

Tool that keeps you informed by promptly sharing critical details about recently deployed tokens. Access key statistics, market trends, and token release information, enabling you to make important data-driven decisions.

Base Tools Scanner

Prioritize your safety with Base Tools Scanner. Our Telegram bot equips you with the means to assess whether a token is a honeypot and unveils its tax implications by inputting its CA.

Base Tools Burn Bot

Automatically get alerts whenever a token on the chain undergoes a liquidity burn process. Meticulously designed to deliver accurate and timely notifications

Base Token Sniper

Experience unparalleled speed in acquiring newly launched tokens with the Base Tools Sniper Bot. Engineered for efficiency, the Sniper Bot swiftly identifies and executes buy orders the moment new tokens are introduced to the market.

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One stop for all things base related